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Use your SMSF for High Yield Property Investment:
Potential to earn 14% gross yield*

Did you know, Self-Managed Superannuation Fund investments can be more than just stocks and bonds? While these types of securities can be great for producing consistent returns, there are other ways to grow and diversify your portfolio.

​One of those methods is SMSF property investing, which means using your retirement savings to purchase income-producing real estate.

​At SDA Smart Homes Australia, we specialise in SMSF property investments, to help you build your retirement savings through high yield NDIS SDA property investment. We’ve created a simple blueprint for using SMSF investments to finance NDIS SDA new builds.  A minimum of $400k is required in your Superannuation Fund.


Currently, SMSF Investors cannot invest in properties with two-part contracts (land + home construction). This limits your investment options. We’ve solved this problem by offering a single part contract.

How It Works

Contract Review


Complete your ITP and initial $1,000 (refundable)



Have your SMSF's financial position assessed by our expert finance partners (up to 80% LVR)



Select package - we will have land & build contracts prepared with the independent 3rd party



Commercial valuation is completed



Your SMSF enters into a single contract

Reinforcing Steel


Construction commences 

Are You Ready?

SDA Smart Homes have a proven track record in delivering compliant SDA homes and achieving industry-leading tenanting outcomes.

​Are you ready to diversify your retirement portfolio with a brand new NDIS SDA property with the opportunity to earn 14%* gross yield?

A New Type Of Retirement Investment 

Are you looking for passive retirement income? Then you should consider our high-yield NDIS investment properties.

In these chaotic times, it can be difficult to predict where the market is going. ​In such a dynamic market, it’s tough to identify what constitutes a sound investment for the future. But buying real estate is always a sound investment. It’s a scarce asset that always has value, no matter what is happening in the broader market.

​However, NDIS SDA investing can be more complex than purchasing a standard residential investment. It requires expert knowledge of NDIS compliance, certification, and tenanting practices. This might be overwhelming for most investors.


However, the SDA Smart Homes experience and expertise in the NDIS sector, combined with our ground-breaking one contract solution, can guide you through the process of investing in SDA.

​Contact us today to learn how you can use your SMSF to diversify your portfolio with NDIS SDA property investments.

Start Your Journey Today!

HOW WE CALCULATE YIELD: 14.4% gross yield based on total average income across North, South, East and West Brisbane of $191,575 pa ($3,684 per week) and a $1,330,000 package as an average cost across the four Brisbane regions with 1 High Physical Support + 2 Fully Accessible funded SDA tenants. Income may vary depending on region, number of tenants, and tenant funding levels.


Rental income calculated from NDIS SDA Price Calculator 2023/24 New Builds issued April 2024. While all care has been taken to provide accurate figures, we do not guarantee the outcome and recommend you seek independent financial advice. All information is correct at the time of publication but subject to change without notice.

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