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Do you own land?
Would you like to maximise your property’s earning potential?
Build an SDA Smart Home on your land and earn an annual 6 figure passive income.
The Process:

1. Submit an appraisal request to see if your land is suitable.

2. If your land is suitable, choose to:
a) Sell your land to an SDA Smart Homes investor – WE WON’T CHARGE ANY SELLING FEES!
b) Keep your land and build your own SDA Smart Home investment (or knockdown/re-build if there is an existing structure).

If you choose to build:

3. Select from our compliant SDA designs including houses and villas.

4. SDA Smart Homes (a registered SDA Provider with proven track record) will manage the build process and ensure your SDA investment is enrolled with the NDIS. You can not receive SDA payments without NDIS enrolment.

5. SDA Smart Homes, in partnership with The Disability Housing Centre, will tenant your home with eligible NDIS participants.

6. Property Direct / The Disability Housing Centre will manage your SDA property investment, undertaking tenant matching, general maintenance and dispersal of SDA payments and rental income.

7. Receive a generous passive rental income, backed by Commonwealth Government NDIS funding for 20 years.


A 3 bedroom + OOA house in Brisbane North region with 1 x HPS and 2 x FA tenants would attract a gross income of $192,400 (calculated from the NDIS Pricing Review June 2023)
(HPS = High Physical Support, FA = Fully Accessible, OOA = Overnight Onsite Assistance carer room)


Income is not guaranteed. SDA payments are variable depending on the region, type of dwelling, number of residents, and individual resident funding level. Any advice and information on this website is general only, and has been prepared without taking into account your particular circumstances and needs. Before acting on any advice on this website you should assess or seek advice on whether it is appropriate for your needs, financial situation and investment objectives.

Ask for a Land Appraisal

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20-06-12 04 Deb & Brendon Forster's SDA

"We really appreciate the support of Dave Beard and the team for being fantastic and providing us with good knowledge and information about our project" 

Brendon & Debra Forster 

Owners of Forster House, Strathpine


"Best investment! I just finished my first and looking for land to do the second. Thanks Dave and the team, glad I looked into it and did my homework. We had quite a few questions at the beginning, but thanks to the team at SDA Smart Homes, we felt more comfortable to move forward

Fraser Strain  

Owners of Dragonfly House, Maryborough


"I would like to mention how great the Dragonfly House is, which my sister is moving into this week. The house design is modern, spacious and beautiful and we are all very excited about this wonderful opportunity 


Wide Bay 

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