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Fostering Inclusive Futures:
SDA Smart Homes' Vision for Vibrant Living Spaces

In the dynamic landscape of Smart Disability Accommodation (SDA), SDA Smart Homes stands as a trailblazer, shaping the future of community-centric living spaces. Let's explore the innovative trends they're pioneering. Vibrant Community Connections: SDA Smart Homes creates an environment where residents effortlessly connect with one another, fostering a vibrant and supportive living atmosphere. Discover how the design and culture of their homes encourage meaningful connections among residents, cultivating a strong sense of community. Seamless Move-in Experience: SDA Smart Homes boasts a dedicated and experienced team that goes above and beyond to make the move-in process easier than ever. Discover how their commitment to excellence ensures a smooth transition for residents, creating a welcoming and stress-free environment. Adaptable Designs: Committed to diverse needs, SDA Smart Homes creates properties with adaptable designs, celebrating resident individuality through accessible layouts and personalized modifications. Government Support: Aligned with the Australian Federal Government's commitment to SDA, SDA Smart Homes provides stability for residents, continuing to lead in disability-friendly housing. SDA Smart Homes envisions a future where disability-friendly living exceeds basic needs, offering truly exceptional homes. Join them in building a more inclusive tomorrow.

Astute Finance: Hypocrisy of the big 4

In Australia, the demand for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes are on the rise, with an increasing number of individuals with disabilities seeking high-quality, accessible housing options. SDA homes are designed to meet the unique needs of people with disabilities, offering specialized features and support services to enhance their quality of life. However, despite the growing demand for SDA homes, many big banks in Australia have been notably absent in supporting this essential sector. This article explores the challenges faced by the SDA housing market and highlights the opportunities for individuals to use alternative financing options other than the big banks. Additionally, we will delve into the disconnect between the big banks' public image and their actual support for people with disabilities, ultimately suggesting an alternative, more inclusive option through a third-party lender, Astute Finance. The Growing Demand for SDA Homes: Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a key component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. The NDIS aims to provide individuals with disabilities the support they need to lead fulfilling lives. SDA homes play a critical role in achieving this goal by offering suitable housing options with features like wheelchair access, hoists, and other adaptive technologies, as well as on-site support staff. However, the demand for SDA homes significantly outpaces the supply. According to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), around 23,000 Australians currently have SDA funding, yet only 13,000 are actively using it due to a lack of available dwellings. This pressing demand underscores the need for strong financial support and investment in the sector. The Big Banks and Their Discrepancies: Why Astute matters It's no secret that big banks often feature individuals with disabilities in their heartwarming home loan advertisements, showcasing their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. These advertisements tug at our heartstrings, portraying banks as responsible corporate citizens who genuinely care about their community. However, when it comes to providing a lending policy to allow for investors or individuals with disabilities seeking to fund the construction of SDA properties, a stark discrepancy emerges. The Deterrence and the Nathan Solution: As investors, individuals and families explore the prospect of securing a loan for an SDA property, the reluctance of big banks to cater to their needs becomes a major deterrent. While big banks capitalize on the goodwill generated by their diverse and inclusive advertisements, they often fall short in their tangible support for investors and people with disabilities seeking to access these specialized homes deeming it ‘too risky’. In light of this, we present an alternative solution: Astute Finance, a third-party lender that specializes in SDA home loans. Astute Finance and their preferred lenders understand the unique requirements of the accommodation to suit the needs of people living with a disability, and offers tailored home loan solutions. By choosing Astute Finance as your lender for SDA homes, you can be confident that your financial needs will be met with the expertise and dedication required for this specific market. Closing: The demand for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes is growing in Australia, and with the big banks failing to meet the increasing demand from this sector, individuals need to look at other alternatives such as Astute Finance who can access specialist SDA lending products. If you would like to know more about investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation and discussing your finance options with our specialist Nathan, please contract SDA Smart Homes. (QR code to investor page on If you have an interesting in investing in SDA property and discussing your finance options with our specialist Nathan, please contract SDA Smart Homes.


Nathan, Your Lending Specialist

SDA Smart Homes in the Media
NDIS Crackdown Welcomed

The Wire, 9th May 2023

One of Australia’s largest special disability accommodation (SDA) housing providers says a proposed crackdown on NDIS rorting is welcomed, but any funding cuts to disability accommodation would be disastrous. SDA Smart Homes welcomes news of a proposed task force cracking down on systemic issues within the National Disability Insurance Scheme of alleged rorting, including overcharging or creating false participants. But they warn that funding cuts in the Federal Budget to disability accommodation in the current housing market would be a disaster, especially in states such as Victoria suffering from shortages. The NDIS forecasts that demand for Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) will increase by over 60% over the next seven years. The Wire’s Toni Pankaluic spoke with Emma Hocking CEO of SDA Smart Homes to find out more…

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Australians living with disability enter aged care as last resort

The Disability Support Guide, 29th May 2023

Three disability advocacy groups — Synapse, Youngcare and the Summer Foundation — have penned a letter to National Disability Insurance Minister Bill Shorten, Aged Care Minister Anika Wells and Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth, to address growing concerns of young Australians living with disability being placed into aged care. The three groups touch upon a growing concern of special disability accommodation (SDA). Emma Hocking, Chief Executive Officer of SDA Smart Homes says that the proposed crackdown will be welcomed, but funding cuts would be a disaster given the current rental and housing markets. “For many people who qualify for SDA accommodation, they have nowhere else to go other than public hospitals or nursing and aged care accommodation in South Australia because of their need for 24 hour care,” says Ms Hocking. Read the full article in the Disability Support Guide to find out more…

QLD pilot study brings AI to people in assisted living

ABC News, 24 December 2022 - Report by Lexi Hamilton-Smith

Can AI help people living with chronic illness? Two Queensland universities have teamed up with a tech start-up to see how “care bots” can improve the lives of people who need high-level care.

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