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Meet with SDA Project Manager

Once you have met with your NDIS planner and determined your eligibility for SDA funding, & completed your expression of interest we will arrange for our Project Manager to meet with you to discuss your accommodation preferences and requirements. 


Your NDIS planner will have already discussed factors relating to your accommodation funding which will meet one of the following SDA design categories:

  1. Improved Liveability

  2. Fully Accessible

  3. Robust

  4. High Physical Support

For information about NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation download the fact sheet or read more about SDA design types and categories here. Please note SDA Smart Homes main focus is Fully Accessible housing, with provisions for high physical support. 


Your meeting

 When you meet with our Project Manager they will help you work through your options and the key factors of living in an SDA Smart Home including:


Location preferences: What area/s are you willing to live?  The more flexible your requirements the greater number of options available to you - our footprint extends across Australia. To find out if the SDA roll out is happening if your area click here


The House: We will run through the floor plans with you and make adjustments as required.

House mates: Do you have funding limitations relating to your support?​

  • You may already know someone with similar support requirements who would be interested in sharing accommodation with you.  

Support Services: All our accommodation includes either a sleep over room or a separate adjoined dwelling for support workers and is aimed at increasing your independence. 

Technology Package: We will determine at this point which of the 3 available levels of technology are most suitable to your requirements.

Haven't registered your interest yet? 

Download the form here:

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