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SDA Smart Home Artificial Intelligence

‘Artificial Intelligence can be a game changer for people with disabilities’  
Brad Smith - President Microsoft July 2018.

Artificial intelligence has a pivotal role to play when it comes to supporting people with disabilities in Australia and creating a more inclusive, safe, interconnected society. Over the next 10 years, billions of smart devices will be connected through A.I. A.I will enable devices to enhance safety, listen, see, reason and predict outcomes.  Our range of SDA SMART HOMES feature the latest available technology - iSaint 1.0 -  to enhance the safety and convenience of our residents while at home and importantly away from home. All while connecting our residents support workers, local service providers, family and friends.

iSaint 2.0, brought to you by 'Ariel Care' & exclusive to SDA Smart Homes, is currently under developmemt It's a world first artificial intelligence (AI) solution that will help save lives in the disability sector, assist over-worked support workers and revolutionise assisted living, partnering with the brightest minds from University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and industry leading Aerospace engineers. Don't settle for analogue SDA that will become obsolete.

Ariel Care iSaint Assistive Technology 2.0 currently under development:

  • Eye gaze house and carer communicator

  • Fever detection alert

  • Bed Wetness alert

  • Power out alert

  • Detection of elevated heat source (a future fire detection) alert

  • Unknown persons detection alert

  • Fever detection alert

Watch the ABC report about the Ariel Care pilot study being carried out in an SDA Smart Home.

iSaint Assistive Technology 1.0 in each SDA Smart Home includes:

* Wifi modem and connection

* Tablet in common area (allowing central control of systems)

* Intercom solution between each tenant and the OOA

* Automated LED lights in kitchen and bathrooms

* Automated down lights in bedrooms

* Automated air conditioning in each bedroom + living area

* Remote control wall fans to bedrooms

* Automated garage roller door

* Front door video intercom system

* Smart power points - any appliance plugged in can be automated

* Additional power point to internal & external doors for future automation (as required)

* All hardware supplied, install and set-up 

* On-going technical support

* Annual upgrades (or as required)

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