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12 Questions to ask before investing in SDA

1. Are you dealing directly with the registered housing provider or just a property marketer/builder selling a home?

2. Can you be provided with an NDIS SDA Housing Provider number and more than just a PO BOX as the business address?

3. Are you building your SDA home in a location where NDIS SDA demand has been established?

4. Are you purchasing a vacant block of land that meets the NDIS SDA requirements?

5. Do you know what SDA design classification you are building?

6. Have you received SDA Preliminary Certification of your Working Drawings and contract inclusions prior to construction commencing?

7. Can you be shown your 20-year NDIS compliant Asset Management Agreement that needs to accompany your SDA compliant home?

8. How does your SDA Housing Provider market your SDA Certified property to NDIS registered SIL Providers?


9. Can you be shown existing Collaboration Agreements obtained and operational with existing NDIS SIL Providers?

10. Who will act as your licensed Property Manager responsible for the all specialised leases and ongoing property management?


11. Is your Property Manager registered to receive 'Centrepay' via Centrelink making it easier for tenants to pay their Reasonable Rental Contribution?

12. What is your exit strategy? Does your NDIS SDA Housing Provider offer an SDA Resale Program ?

SDA Smart Homes can answer "YES" to every one of these questions, ensuring a complete end-to-end investment solution that puts you on the path to success. 
SDA Investment 
Potential for $3,600 gross rental income*


How we calculate income: $3,684 gross income is the total average income across North, South, East and West Brisbane with 1 High Physical Support + 2 Fully Accessible funded SDA tenants. Income may vary depending on region, number of tenants, and tenant funding levels. Rental income calculated from NDIS SDA Price Calculator 2023/24 New Builds issued April 2024. While all care has been taken to provide accurate figures, we do not guarantee the outcome and recommend you seek independent financial advice. All information is correct at the time of publication but subject to change without notice.

Be aware that the NDIA provides no guarantee that an SDA vacancy will be filled, and until an SDA approved Participant moves into the dwelling no SDA Payment will be made or received. 

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